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Wetland Mitigation Banks Credits for Sale

Available Soon
Fall 2021

Greater Sage Grouse Habitat Bank, Eastern Idaho.
Geographic Service Area (GSA): Idaho

This approximately 10k acre bank is located in Idaho’s Critical Habitat Zone (CHZ) for Greater Sage Grouse. The bank contains full seasonal offsets for Sage Grouse and GSG Obligate species. Credits available for pre-certification sale immediately.

Under ODFW/USFWS Permitting
Fall 2022

Greater Sage Grouse Habitat Bank, Central Oregon
Geographic Service Area (GSA): ODFW Central Service Area

This approximately 12k acre bank is located in Oregon’s Priority Area of Concern (PAC) for Greater Sage Grouse. The bank contains full seasonal offsets for Sage Grouse and GSG Obligate species. Currently under permitting and entitlement process. Anticipated credit release in Fall 2022.

(RBV Mitigation Credits, LLC). Wetland/Vernal Pool. Temecula.
Service Area: Western Riverside County.
This bank incorporates the Skunk Hollow Vernal Pool. With a water surface area exceeding 33 acres, this is the second largest vernal pool in the state.

This bank is in the approval process. Anticipated availability is second quarter 2017

(Hillcrest Homes, Inc.) Wetland Resources. Riverside County.
Service Area: Riverside and Orange Counties
Riverpark Mitigation Bank will have approximately 560 wetland credits to sell in Riverside County and nearby areas by mid-2017.

Available Now

(Westminster Fund). Wetland Resources & Chaparral. San Diego County.

Service Areas:
Wetland – Upper watershed of the Tijuana River and the Upper San Diego and Sweetwater Watersheds.
Upland – San Diego County Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP) East County Subarea Planning Area, west of the crest of the Peninsular Range.

This bank will have 23 acres of wetland mitigation and 439 acres of upland. Approvals in process – available now.
Riverpark Mitigation Bank will have approximately 560 wetland credits to sell in Riverside County and nearby areas by mid-2017.

(J.R. Watson & Associates Development Corp) Colorado River Riparian. Near Blythe, Riverside County, California.
Service Area: Desert areas near Colorado River

Wetland/Riparian mitigation is hard to find along the Colorado River. This 8.5-acre project was construction for a project in Needles that was not completed. The Department of Fish and Wildlife agreed to allow the habitat to be sold to another entity. Call for pricing and details.

Sensitive species on site include Bell’s vireo and Gila woodpecker.

Upland Conservation Banks Credits for Sale

(Techbilt Construction, Inc.) Upland, Coastal Chaparral. Carlsbad.
Service Area: San Diego County including coastal areas.

This site, part of a larger biological open space, is adjacent to Palomar Airport. There are approximately 43 acres of habitat available for purchase and is managed by the Center for Natural Lands Management.

Tech-Bilt, Inc.). Upland/Maritime Chaparral/Coastal Sage Scrub.

Encinitas Service Area: San Diego County including coastal areas.

21 credits currently for sale. Potentially more later.
Please Call for Details

This bank is selling conservation credits for coastal sage scrub and maritime chaparral habitats. Listed plant species abound on this 150-acre bank along the San Diego County coast. If you need mitigation for state or federally listed plants, this may be the place.

(Judd RR Investments, LLC and Kearny PCCP Otay 311, LLC) Upland/Grassland, Burrowing Owl & Vernal Pool Habitat. Ramona.
Service Area: San Diego County (see below).

This 200-acre bank was approved on August 4, 2014. Credits are available for non-native grassland/burrowing owl habitat and vernal pools.

(Cadiz, Inc.) Desert Tortoise & Dry Wash Habitat. San Bernardino County.
Service Area: San Bernardino County Desert.

This 7,400-acre bank resides in designated critical habitat for the Desert Tortoise in the County of San Bernardino. Credits are immediately available for impacts to desert tortoise habitat, dry wash, and other desert habitats.

Available Soon
Spring 2021

Greater Sage Grouse and other Habitats. Lincoln County, Wyoming.
Wyoming: Western Wyoming & Eastern Idaho.

This 17,000-acre bank has prime habitat in western Wyoming. Besides sage grouse, a majority of the Bank Property contains summer, transitional, and crucial winter range for mule deer, elk, pronghorn, and moose.

Whelan Ranch Conservation Bank

(MVV, LLC). Upland/Coastal Sage Scrub. Oceanside.
Service Area: San Diego County, including coastal areas.

This 150-acre bank sold conservation credits for mitigation of multispecies impact within the San Diego County NCCP, including coastal properties. It is sold out, but there are 9.2 unassigned credits of CSS available for resale. Contact us for more information.

(Pulte Homes). Upland/Coastal Sage Scrub. Lakeside

High quality CSS mitigation within the Pre-Approved Mitigation Area (PAMA) of the Metro-Lakeside-Jamul segment of the adopted County of San Diego (County) Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP) Subarea Plan and is one of the largest remaining blocks of Diegan coastal sage remaining within the Lakeside archipelago.