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Our mission at TerraWest Consulting (“TerraWest”) is to provide economical, ecological, and perpetual solutions for wildlife and their environment.

As a habitat conservation and management company, headquartered near Jackson, Wyoming, TerraWest is established as a leader and trailblazer in Conservation and Mitigation Bank development projects. Our expertise is centered on habitat development and land stewardship projects for diverse wildlife habitations.

All of our business ventures improve the earth’s climate and protect endangered and sensitive species. We employ diverse conservation tools, including environmental consulting, regulatory compliance, mitigation, and credit marketing and sales. Thus, perpetually protecting disadvantaged species and their natural habitat.

While environmental laws continue to evolve and adapt, maintaining regulatory compliance is critical. This is not a barrier for TerraWest. We are both experienced and continual participants in upland permitting and compliance. We are well equipped to deliver the best environmental solutions while remaining strictly compliant with all regulatory standards.

Our synergetic project management approach is rooted in integrity, partnership, and trust with all key stakeholders. Whether it be conservation organizations, government entities or departments, local municipalities, or energy companies, all-encompassing collaboration is key to the achievement of our mission.

Each of our conservation projects has and will cultivate a healthy, functional, and successful environmental model. Perpetual and efficient environmental conservation is the nucleus of TerraWest Consulting.