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Credit Sales & Marketing

TerraWest Conservancy has created the largest inventory of mitigation credits in the state of Nation. The team at TerraWest has become an expert on marketing credits within the state and therefore will only operate and market for banks within the country.

TerraWest Conservancy provides a full-service approach to marketing and management services for its clients.

Our Services Include:

? Market Analysis Services to Support Due Diligence for New Potential Mitigation Banks
? Nation-wide exposure for your Credits and Project Proponents
? Targeted Distribution of Information Regarding the Mitigation Bank
? All Administrative Work for the Mitigation Bank
? Marketing and Management Services for the Mitigation Bank
? Permitting Support for each project

As one of the few pioneers of mitigation banking, TerraWest Conservancy is known for the successful development and marketing of wetland and habitat mitigation. We currently work with over twenty mitigation and conservation banks throughout the country, which consist of over 50,000 acres of protected and restored land.

TerraWest Conservancy serves as a full service mitigation provider that excels at the client service level. Our mitigation team goes above and beyond the standard of excellence with client relationships as we provide unmatched customer service, administrative skills and highly regarded personnel.


TerraWest Conservancy manages the marketing of mitigation credits, drafting of sales agreements and the coordination and tracking of credit transfers.

All administrative services are comprehensive and include the following: securing the project as a sale, drafting Mitigation Credit Purchase Agreements, obtaining the deposit and signed agreement, sending reservation letters to the county, state, and/or federal agencies, tracking permitting status, coordinating necessary credit reservation extensions, invoicing for final payment, tracking state and/or federal permit issuance, coordinating with state and/or federal agencies with credit ledger deductions and credit release schedule.

TerraWest Conservancy is responsible for developing and implementing strategic sales plans and forecasts to identify new customers and close credit sale deals for each of our mitigation banking ventures. TerraWest Conservancy is also responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with industry influences and key strategic partners that help facilitate credit sales.

A marketing report is generated monthly for each mitigation bank and gives detailed information on pending projects and new project leads. This report gives detailed activity and a running log of year to date cash flow with forecasted credit sales.

All compensation is based on commission and commission is paid at the closing or distribution of funds following each transfer.

During the length of the brokerage agreement, TerraWest Conservancy will seek and secure clients for the mitigation bank. When the prospective project turns into a sale, payment is received, and state and/or federal permits are issued, TerraWest Conservancy receives a commission of the gross sales amount at closing. During the length of the brokerage agreement, we will handle all paperwork and correspondence necessary to facilitate the sale and transfer of credits. This includes any marketing brochures, mail-outs, tradeshows, and any correspondence such as drafting all letters of reservation, producing contracts and handling all correspondence regarding credit transfers between the purchaser and agency personnel. All professional paperwork services necessary to complete the transaction are provided.


Dan Schwab, President of TerraWest Conservancy has the experience and expertise to advise mitigation bankers in the pre-permitting phase.

Dan can help facilitate the mitigation bank permitting process by assisting with the due diligence phase such as anticipated service area, a forecast credit amount awarded, credit releases, anticipated credit demand and financial obligations.

TerraWest Conservancy will provide referrals to the most qualified engineers, biologist, and attorneys that have the most experience with mitigation bank permitting in various parts of the country.


TerraWest Conservancy maintains communication with a network of 5,000 environmental consultants, engineers, attorneys, developers and agency personnel several times per year. All of TerraWest Conservancy mitigation banks’ information is included in these communications. Our quarterly direct mail includes postcards, letters, invitations to social gatherings and brochures. We also send out email blasts that provided relevant and informative information tailored to our clients.


TerraWest Conservancy visits its most valuable clients on a regular basis through presentation on new mitigation banks, new regulations, wetland mitigation, and mitigation banking issues for monthly lunch meetings.


TerraWest Conservancy maintains a statewide database of information regarding all permitted and developing mitigation bank projects. Mitigation bankers have access to bank information such as pricing and permit review status, as well as the ability to request specific market research projects to be undertaken in the future.


Each bank in TerraWest Conservancy group will be kept abreast of industry trends and legislative changes that could affect the mitigation banking industry. TerraWest Conservancy also actively supports
causes that help mitigation banking as well as challenges policies that may hinder the industry.


TerraWest Conservancy provides clients with the following benefits:

? ArcView/GIS database services – we can provide clients with all of a project’s mitigation banking option
? Permitting support – TerraWest Conservancy helps support county, state, and/or federal permitting efforts and challenges
? Cumulative Impact Assessment- we can arrange for cumulative impact assessments for out of basin impacts on specific projects, on an as needed basis, to ensure that the project will be approved by the state and/or federal agencies
? Legal Assistance- we can refer competent legal assistance and lobbying efforts provided by a network of experienced attorneys prepared to resolve specific mitigation related issues


TerraWest Conservancy will develop a marketing and business development plan specific to your bank including:

? Assist and coordinate the development of marketing materials
? Develop and manage the sale and transfer process for mitigation credits
? Join and represent client banks at appropriate local and state organization meetings
? Find appropriate local sponsor opportunities where clients or contacts for referrals are attending
? Represent mitigation banks at permitting agency meetings related to annual transportation mitigation plan developments.
? Develop a computerized contact database for mailers and future contacts for the specific mitigation bank
? Implement a direct mail campaign to local contacts
? Organize and promote tours of the bank for any interested prospects
? Identify and coordinate meetings with key developers and political champions in the mitigation bank’s service area