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Conservation & Mitigation Banking

Conservation banks are permanently protected lands that are preserved and managed for their natural resource values. Landowners who establish a conservation bank have the economic advantage to sell habitat credits to developers that impact similar resources.

TerraWest Conservancy is an industry leader in the field of mitigation banking and conservation banking services. Landowners attempting to monetize their property by means of conservation and restoration activities need professional guidance from a team with expertise in biology and ecology as well as real estate and conservation finance to fully capture their land’s ecosystem services value. Bank sponsors have relied upon us to bring together the components crucial to any successful banking venture, including site selection, market and financial analysis, strategic design, bank entitlement, asset management, sales and marketing, and bank disposition and fundraising.

? Mitigation and Conservation Bank Development
? Site Selection and Feasibility Studies
? Long-Term Monitoring, Maintenance, and Management
? Mitigation Credit Marketing, Sales, Reporting, and Accounting