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Bank Establishment Services

At Terrawest Conservancy, our team of banking specialists can assist with everything from establishing and permitting conservation & mitigation banks, to locating specific credits to offset your impacts. Due to our depth and experience in mitigation banking, we often work with and assist mitigation banking firms with specific aspects of the mitigation banking process. Our team of experts can provide habitat assessments, focused species surveys, wetland delineations, cultural resources services and site-specific studies to support the allocation of credits for mitigation or conservation banks. Additionally, our habitat restoration specialists can prepare planting and construction plans needed to create or restore habitat to bring additional value to your project.

The team at Terrawest are recognized as industry leaders in the mitigation and conservation banking approval process. From preparing feasibility analyses to extensive Bank Enabling Instruments, Terrawest has entitled banks from the initial assessment of the property to coordinating credit sales on behalf of the bank owner/sponsor. Whether you are a mitigation banking firm looking for a specific service or a landowner thinking about entering the mitigation banking market, Terrawest can assist you.

  • Mitigation and Conservation Bank Development
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Cost Estimation
    • Habitat Assessments
    • Baseline Characterization
    • Credit Analysis and Release Planning
    • Prospectus and BEI documentation
    • CBRT Negotiations
  • Long-Term Monitoring, Maintenance, and Management
  • Mitigation Credit Marketing, Sales, Reporting, and Accounting